Sunday, 23 September 2012

Traffic Lights

Traffic lights. Red for stop, green for go. Simple. Well not so much on Clifton Street in Belfast, where it seems that this rule has become a little less clear. The problem is with the filter lane turning onto the Westlink which shows red, while the lanes heading straight into town show nothing. (There are 'straight ahead' arrows, but no actual green light.) I assume this is to stop confusion between two sets of lights which are very close together and make sure no-one gets confused and drives through a red light thinking it's green. Great. Except it has the opposite effect and means drivers regularly stop at what is a 'go ahead'. Now, as I see this at least twice a week I have to draw one of two conclusions; either people are really, really stupid or it's just plain confusing. Whichever it is (and I don't really want to know tbh), it would just be good if the people who deal with these things made it super clear when to stop and when to go before someone gets badly hurt.

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